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Why Japan goes crazy for 'lucky bags'

They're called Fukubukuro - and at the start of each new year, thousands of people in Japan queue up for hours to get their hands on them.

These "lucky bags" are essentially mystery goodie bags that contain anything from clothes to food, depending on the store selling them.

They started out as a way for Japanese department stores to get rid of old stock at the start of the year, but now have become an annual craze nationwide.

'The excitement of not knowing'
Sales for Fukubukuro open every year on 1 January, and they're typically sold across the entire first week of January, or until they run out.

For many, it isn't the new year without a Fukubukuro.

It's unclear how exactly the Fukubukuro originated - there are multiple stories told - but one version says they were sold as early the 1900s when department stores started cropping up in Japan.

The department stores, it is said, wanted to get rid of their stock before the start of the new year and so decided to sell mystery bags filled with random leftover goods at a sizeable discount.

Today, department stores around Japan and even global chains like Starbucks and Armani have jumped on the trend.

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    Why Japan goes crazy for 'lucky bags'